About Us

Capman Asset Management was set up in 2003 and is a company cerified by Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commision to manage assets of institutional investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, investment funds, etc.

Our Investment Philosophy is:

Question everything
Rely on multiple sources of information
Emphasize on fundamental analysis
Know the management

We offer profesionally managed portfolios of mutual funds that are optimized to provide the highest level of potential returns within an acceptable level of risk. Our investment solutions are suited to meet investors’ specific needs, while providing the benefits of advice and service from one of the strongest and reliable investment management companies in the country.

Mutual Funds managed by Capman Asset Management:

  • Capman Fix Mutual Fund – low risk profile
  • Capman Capital Mutual Fund – balanced risk profile
  • Capman Max Mutual Fund – high yield risk profile

Our Team

Board of Directors

Nikolay Yalamov
Chairman of the Board of Directors
tel. + 359 2 40 30 200
e-mail: yalamov@capman.bg

Anton Domozetsky
Executive Director
tel. + 359 2 40 30 200
e-mail: adomozetsky@capman.bg

Anelia Trifonova
Member of the Board of Directors
tel. + 359 2 40 30 216
e-mail: atrifonova@capman.bg

Accounting Department

Anelia Trifonova
Chief Accountant
tel. + 359 2 40 30 216
e-mail: atrifonova@capman.bg

Head of Regulatory Compliance

Tania Anastassova
Head of Regulatory Compliance
tel. + 359 2 40 30 226
e-mail: tanastasova@capman.bg

Risk management Department

Cristijan Fezelov
tel. + 359 2 40 30 211
e-mail:  cfezelov@capman.bg