The main investment goal of the Mutual Fund “C-MIX” is to ensure its investors not only maintaining the real value of investments over time, but also their growth through the realization of interest and capital income in conditions of moderate to high risk.
The Fund invests both in shares admitted to trading on regulated markets in the country, as well as on internationally recognized and liquid regulated markets abroad, and in debt securities issued by companies, governments or other entities, transferable securities and instruments of money market, recently issued transferable securities for which, under the terms of the issue, a commitment has been made to request admission to a regulated market and derivative financial instruments.
The Fund’s rules allow the application of appropriate strategies and techniques to hedge against market, currency and other risks (“hedging”): options transactions, futures, swaps and other derivatives.

The management company invests the financial resources entrusted at the expense of the mutual fund in the ratios recorded in the rules of the mutual fund.

Investment strategy and policy

C-MIX Mutual Fund will implement its investment policy in accordance with the rules of the mutual fund adopted by the management company, as well as in the approved prospectus for public offering of units.
Mutual fund “С – MIX” follows an investment policy with moderate to high risk and strives to achieve an optimal ratio between risk and return, following a policy of active management of its diversified investment portfolio.

In order to achieve the investment objectives of the fund, the management company Capman Asset Management AD will invest the attracted funds both in debt securities (up to 75% of the assets) and in shares (up to 75% of the assets) and in money market instruments. 

Warning to investors

Capman Asset Management AD informs current and potential investors that the value of financial instruments Май decrease. No profits are guaranteed and there is a risk for investors not to recoup the full amount invested. The investments are not guaranteed by a Guarantee Fund created by the state or by another type of guarantee. The achieved profitability of the products in the previous periods is not a guarantee for the future results.