Warning! The full prospectus on initial public offering of shares of mutual fund comprises all information on Capman Fix Mutual Fund, being necessary for making any investment decision, including the basic risks, related with the Mutual Fund and its activity. In best interests of the investors is to review in detail this prospectus before resolving to invest in mutual fund shares.

How to invest in the Capman Fix Mutual Fund?

1. Transfer the amount that you would like to invest.
2. Visit our office in Sofia or Varna.
3. Sign a purchase order for the desired amount.
4. For individual investor the necessary document is an ID card. For legal entities – a Certificate of Incorporation.
5. You become an investor in Capman Fix Mutual Fund
6. Within 5 working days you will receive confirmation of the transaction concluded as well as depository note from Central Depository, certifying your ownership of shares.

Account information “Capman Fix” Mutual Fund

United Bulgarian Bank AD Base for transaction – shares subscription by issue price

IBAN BG13UBBS92001000509514, BIC : UBBSBGSF

Investors in the shares of each mutual fund should have in mind the fact that the value of shares and their yield Май decrease, that profit is not guaranteed and that investors take the risk of not getting return on their investments and that investments in mutual funds are not guaranteed by a guarantee fund and the previous results from the business of the fund are not related to the future results of such fund