Investment purposes

The basic investment purpose of Mutual Fund Capman Max is to obtain optimal rate of return on investments of its shareholders, mainly as result from capital gains, at a preliminary set medium to high risk.
For the achievement of basic investment purpose the mutual fund assets are managed by means of active strategy, based on in-depth market analyses.

Mutual Fund Capman Max invests mainly in shares of companies traded on regulated securities markets. For the achievement of basic purposes of mutual fund appropriate strategies are apllied for protection from market and currency risk.
Management company will invest the financial resources, entrusted on account of the mutual fund within the ratios as set forth in the Rules of the mutual fund and in this prospectus.

Investment poilicy

Mutual Fund Capman Max will carry out its investment policy in compliance with the Rules of the mutual fund adopted by the management company, and according to this prospectus.
Mutual Fund Capman Max shall pursue aggressive investment policy and is intended primarily for such investors, who are seeking realization of high yield based on capital gains. Mutual Fund will strive to achieve the optimal ratio between risk and return, following a policy of active management of its diversified investment portfolio. The selection of asset types, where the fund intends to invest shall depend on its capacity to generate the expected yield. The selection of issuers, where to invest will be determined on basis of analyses for its potential to contribute for achievement of investment purposes of the fund. The mutual fund portfolio shall comprise mainly shares, issued by Bulgarian companies, traded on regulated markets in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Mutual Fund invests also in securities with fixed income, such as: government securities, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, etc. The basic purpose of the investment policy of the mutual fund is related with achievement of sustainable growth in value of investments of the fund aiming the increase of the price of a share.

Warning to investors

Investors in the shares of each mutual fund should have in mind the fact that the value of shares and their yield Май decrease, that profit is not guaranteed and that investors take the risk of not getting return on their investments and that investments in mutual funds are not guaranteed by a guarantee fund and the previous results from the business of the fund are not related to the future results of such fund.