The prospectus of Capman G-7 & Hong Kong National Contract Fund contains all the information about the fund that is necessary for making an investment decision, including the main risks associated with the contract fund and its activity. It is in the interest of investors to familiarize themselves with the prospectus and DKI before making a decision to invest in the units of the mutual fund (mutual fund).

How can I invest in NIF Capman G-7 & Hong Kong?

1. You deposit the desired amount into the fund account. In the payment document, in addition to your three names, it is necessary to indicate your social security number.
2. You visit a Capman office carrying a copy of the payment document.
3. You sign a contract-order for the registration of shares.
4. For individuals, it is necessary to carry an identity card, for legal entities - a complete file and company stamp.
5. You subscribe to Capman G-7 & Hong Kong mutual funds.
6. Within 7 working days, you will receive a confirmation of order execution, as well as a depository receipt certifying the ownership of the shares.

Dear customers, please contact us after ordering funds to the account of the fund. Thank you for your understanding!

Customer account of NIF Capman G-7 & Hong Kong

TB United Bulgarian Bank AD
basis for the transfer – registration of shares at issue value
IBAN BG27UBBS80021042834550 – in leva, BIC :UBBSBGSF

Risk Warning: The value of the shares ofNIF “Capman G-7 & Hong Kong’ and their income Май decrease, profits are not guaranteed and investors bear the risk of not recovering the full amount of the invested funds. Investments in NDF are not guaranteed by a guarantee fund created by the state or by any other type of guarantee. Previous results of the activity have no relation to the future results of the contract fund. With the detailed description of the objectives and investment policy of NIF “Capman G-7 & Hong Kong’you can familiarize yourself with the “Main Information Document” in Bulgarian, available in the “Documents and Prospectuses” section. It is recommended that investors familiarize themselves carefully with the nature of the financial instruments and determine their investment objectives and risk appetite before making an investment decision.