Entry of the capital increase of Capman Debts Management AD in the Commercial Register

Capman Debts Management AD notifies that as a result of a successful public offering of new shares, by act № 20210122090550 of the Registry Agency, an increase in the capital of Kapman Debts Management AD, UIC 206073822 has been entered in the Commercial Register. / fifty thousand / BGN to 1,215,000 / one million two hundred and fifteen thousand / BGN, by subscribing new 1,165,000 / one million one hundred sixty-five thousand / number of ordinary, registered, dematerialized, freely transferable shares with voting rights in the Total General Meeting of Shareholders entitled to dividend and liquidation share, with a nominal value of BGN 1 per share.

Deyan Pilev,

Investor Relations Director

Capman Debts Management AD
Data: 22.01.2021 г.