About us

CAPMAN HOLDING is one of the leading non-bank financial groups on the Bulgarian capital market.

THE GROUP consists of:

Capman AD

operating in the investment intermediation sector and having its own professional trading platform – CTrader for access to local and international capital markets

Capman In EOOD and
Capman Consult EOOD

Consulting companies, working in the field of investment banking and financing through European programs;

Capman Asset Management AD

organizing and managing the assets of MF Capman Fix, MF Capman Capital, MF Capman Max, MF C-MIX and MF C-BONDS;

Capman Green
Energy Fund AD

for management of investments in renewable energy sources.

The only ones in Bulgaria, we have a permit to operate as an organizer of the multilateral trading system – MTF SOFIA.

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Companies, operating in the financial field