OP Human Resources


The main objectives of the program are higher and better employment, reducing poverty and promoting social inclusion, modernizing public policies.


Provision of mediation services to the labor market, activation of inactive persons, organization and participation in labor exchanges, etc. supporting employment services;
Professional information and counseling, incl. on matters concerning the exercise of labor and social security rights;
Psychological support;
Providing motivational training;
Providing training to increase professional qualifications or acquire new ones;
Providing training to acquire key competencies;
Providing employment after providing mediation services and / or training;
Providing apprenticeship and internship;
Provide incentives to promote the mobility of jobseekers from disadvantaged groups on the labor market.
Provide incentives to employers to employ unemployed people from disadvantaged groups on the labor market.
Promoting the start-up and development of independent business and entrepreneurship;
Providing training to acquire entrepreneurial, management and business skills;
Providing financial support to start self-employment;