OP Innovations and Competitiveness


The main objective of the Operational Programme “Innovations and Competitiveness” 2014-2020 is to contribute to a dynamic and competitive development of the economy based on innovation. Main factor for this is that not only in Bulgaria but also globally, innovations are the driving forces for improving the economic situation of a country. Scientific research and innovation ensure the achievement of smart growth, maintaining high levels of employment and income, compliance with strict social and environmental standards.


Technological Development and Innovation;
Entrepreneurship and capacity for growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs);
Energy and resource efficiency;


Construction of scientific and innovation infrastructure, partnership between innovative enterprises and holders of the innovative potential, financing the activities for research and development of innovation of enterprises, including SMEs.

Investment activities for increasing the competitiveness and productivity of enterprises and support for high-tech industries and services for improving the material base.

Increasing productivity and production efficiency and stimulating employment in high-tech economic activities.

Innovation and investment activities for improving energy security and enhancing the resource efficiency of the economy. There are also envisaged areas of influence for the introduction of low-carbon, energy-efficient and non-waste technologies, utilizing and recycling a larger amount of waste, increasing the efficiency of energy consumption and encouraging investment in technologies for the production and consumption of energy from RES in enterprises , increasing the efficiency of energy production.

Creating an innovation and investment-friendly business environment, internationalization of the innovation process, promoting the internationalization mainly of SMEs, improving the quality of tourism services and national tourism marketing.


Micro, small, medium and large enterprises or their associations, including partnerships with scientific research organizations; Patent Office, agencies and business organizations and other legal entities that are connected with the provision of services for support of Scientific research and development (R&D) and business innovation, Sofia Tech Park (or its assignee), technology transfer offices, clusters.