OP Transport and Transport Infrastructure


The overall objective of the Transport and Transport Infrastructure Operational Program 2014-2020 is to develop a sustainable transport system through the integrated development of the country’s transport network as part of the Trans-European Transport Network and to increase the efficiency of the use of transport and transport infrastructure.


Development of the railway infrastructure on the “main” and “extended” Trans-European Transport Networks; Development of road infrastructure on the “core” Trans-European Transport Network Improvement of intermodality in passenger and freight transport and development of sustainable urban transport Innovation in management and services – implementation of modernized infrastructure for traffic management, improving safety and security of transport .


Construction, modernization, rehabilitation, electrification and implementation of signaling and telecommunication of railway sections on the basis of the Trans-European Transport Network; Construction and modernization of sections of the road infrastructure on the “main” Trans-European Transport Network; Construction of new intermodal terminals, extension of metro in Sofia and creation of new intermodal connections for passengers in the public transport system of Sofia;
Development of information systems in shipping upgrading existing systems under construction, supply of specialized craft.


National Railway Infrastructure Company
National Company “Strategic Infrastructure Projects”
Road Infrastructure Agency “Metropolitan” EAD
State Enterprise “Port Infrastructure”
Executive Agency “Exploration and Maintenance of the Danube River”
Executive Agency “Maritime Administration”