About us

″We believe in the potential of our capital market and our aim is to offer the investors of BSE-Sofia a specialized product based on investments in green energy with a stable long-term return.„

Nikolai Yalamov

Capman Green Energy Fund Ltd is a green energy investment fund, part of Capman Holding. The activity of Capman Green Energy Fund is directly related to that of companies that carry out activities in the field of production of energy derived from renewable energy sources, construction of wind and solar parks, small hydropower plants, development of geothermal energy projects, biomass utilization, construction of cogeneration plants and biofuels, ecological waste treatment, energy efficiency and emissions trading.

The shares of Capman Green Energy Fund Ltd are registered for trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia, as of 21-08-2008 with stock exchange code C4P and are traded on BaSE Market – http://www.basemarket.bg

Capman Green Energy Fund AD is a joint stock company registered with the Sofia City Court, company case 419475 / 2007. The subscribed capital amounts to BGN 1,208,520, distributed in 1,208,520 registered, dematerialized, freely transferable shares with a nominal value of BGN 1.

On 07.10.2011 with a Decision of the Board of Directors of Capman Green Energy Fund Ltd, the members of the Board gave their consent to Capman Green Energy Fund Ltd to establish a sole proprietorship limited liability company Capman Solar Invest. The company has a capital of BGN 80,000, divided into 8,000 (eight thousand) shares of BGN 10 (ten) each.