The owner of securities orders himself depository receipt in the office/branch of Investment Intermediary Capman. A request for duplicate of depository receipt is fulfilled and a copy of identity document is added. The issue charge is 12 BGN.

A request for reference about the owned shares must be submitted after an ID card handing in and signing a contract with Capman Inc. When issuing a statement about the accounts of the applicant, the Central Depository does not provide information about intermediaries in which the shares are supplied (in cases when the holder has undertaken such actions). The fee for issuing a portfolio is 300 BGN.

The change of wrong names/UCN/addresses in depository receipt is declared personally in the office/branch of Investment Intermediary Capman.
A request for personal data change is filled in and a verification document about reliability of data is applied – court verdict or other statement about the name change, a paper from USCRASP (uniform system of civic registration and administrative service of population), copy of identification document. The applicant is due to represent all the depository receipts with wrong data. After correction new receipts are issued – with new data. The charge for personal data correction is 14.40 BGN.

The granting of securities is made after submitting of agreement for granting with notary legalization of signatures of both sides and copies of identification papers. The charge is 60 BGN plus the transfer expenses.

COBOS is an internet-based application for real-time access to the trading system of the BSE (Bulgarian Stock Exchange). Through the system, the investor has access to information about current offers “buy” and “sell”. COBOS updates the information every 15 seconds, giving information about the last 70 transactions.

The fund aims to compensate clients of an investment intermediary in troubled financial conditions – as regards cases in which the intermediary is in bankruptcy or the Financial Supervision Commission has to withdraw its license. The fund resources are accumulated from initial and annual contributions of the investment intermediaries. The amount that the Fund will pay is 90% of the receivables of the intermediary’s client. However, it cannot exceed a certain fixed amount as in 2010 it was set at 40,000 leva.

On investing, there is always a risk element and the investment in shares is no exception. The risk here is related to the possible loss of some of the invested funds. As a shareholder, you can win a lot, but you can lose if you sell shares at a lower price than the one at which they were purchased.

It is also possible that the company in which you have invested does not distribute dividend, which, however, does not mean that you lose. If the company’s activity is successful and it has invested in promising projects, which usually means higher profit expectations in the future and consequently allocation of high dividends. Moreover, the share price of a thriving company increases and thereby you gain from the price difference, even if dividends are not to be distributed. 

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