We offer a wide range of personalized financial solutions. We assist our clients to get the most out of their savings by offering an active management of their cash balances.

Managed accounts


What is Trust Management?

Trust Management of financial assets is the management of an investment portfolio of securities and financial instruments traded on the Bulgarian and the international markets and as a result the client is able to achieve a higher yield compared to the traditional forms used by the general public (eg bank deposits).

With this type of products there should be considered that the increase in potential for income is closely related to the risk of financial instruments in which has been invested.

Who can offer the service?

According to the Public Offering of Securities Act this service can be offered only by investment intermediaries, licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission, who have signed a contract with an investment consultant.

The financial assets management is done at the discretion of the investment consultant and the risk lies entirely with the client. When determining the investment strategy of a client we aim to define the level of investment risk he is willing to take, and also his investment horizon.

The investment decision is based on fundamental and technical analysis. The company aims at discovering investment opportunities that are likely to outperform the market for the selected period.


As a result of the assessment is determined the portfolio type that is tailored to the clients requirements to the level of investment risk.
Low risk investment strategy

A conservative portfolio – the financial assets are invested in low-risk financial instruments – government securities, deposits and bonds. The expected yield is in the range of 7-9%

Average Risk Investment Strategy

A conservative portfolio Plus – includes financial assets ratio: 70% low-risk instruments and up to 30% instruments with high risk level (shares and compensatory instruments); expected yield 10-13%

Balanced investment strategy

Balanced portfolio – includes financial assets ratio: 50% low-risk instruments (government securities and bonds and 50% in instruments with high risk level (shares and compensatory instruments); expected yield 15-20%

High Yield Investment Strategy

Aggressive Portfolio – the financial assets are invested in shares and compensatory instruments; expected yield 25-35%

The major advantages of this product are:

All trades are performed on behalf and on account of the client.

The costs include only the internal trade charges / clearing and settlement / as there is no commission for Capman Inc.

The remuneration of Capman Inc. for the Trust management is a percentage of the positive final result, i.e. the investment intermediary gains only in the case that the client has an achieved gain for the period of the asset management.

What do we offer?

Tailored strategies for every client
Help in choosing a suitable investment product
Regular reporting to the client the growth of the investment.

We will be happy to discuss your needs and requirements in order to offer different solutions and together to select the most appropriate for you.