Investment Intermediary Capman provides an opportunity for trading financial instruments on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and on the international capital markets.

Market operations

Capman Inc. performs the following money market operations:

  • Intermediation and consultancy services for purchasing financial instruments with fixed income
  • Investment intermediation and consultancy services on building and managing portfolios of government securities;
  • All activities on the foreign exchange market;
  • Investment consulting on trade with foreign exchange on the domestic and the international money markets;

Capman Inc. performs the following financial market operations:

  • Trading with financial instruments on the Bulgarian capital market;
  • Research and analysis of market segments on the Bulgarian stock exchange (BSE);
  • Research and analysis of the international capital markets and companies;
  • Forecasts based on market strategies;
  • An overview of the current market trends;

Trading platform CTrader

CTrader is an online based platform, developed by the team of Capman Inc., for trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia.

The platform is an alternative of the system offered by the BSE – COBOS (Clients order-book online system), to which access is secured by an electronic certificate.

CTrader eliminates the need for installation and saves the cost for an electronic certificate. The platform builds upon the main functionalities of COBOS by providing many additional ones.

All you need to trade with CTrader is a computer or a mobile device with access to the internet!

How to become а client?

On the registration of a client, the investment intermediary should be provided with the following documents:

A copy of the ID/passport, personally verified by putting down one’s three names and signature;

  • A verifies copy of a constitutive contract, a constitutive act or regulations;
  • Current status(an original or notary verified copy of the relevant register);
  • A Copy of an ID card (passport) of the representatives, personally verified by putting down one’s three names and signature;
  • A depository receipt – an original or an order for transfer of financial instruments on effecting a sale.
  • A copy of the first court decision, verified by the representatives* (if there is no registration in the relevant register);
  • A certificate that is to identify the physical entity/ entities, holder/s of above 25% of the capital of the legal entity or some other entity that controls it; the physical entity/ entities to whose benefit above 25% of the property are being distributed;
  • Relevant declarations in compliance with the current normative regulation, which are drawn up on site at the office of the investment intermediary.

*All verifications comprise the signature of the company’s representative, the company’s seal, and the date of laying the signature.

** Clients are obliged to submit telephone numbers and e-mails for connection.

For additional information or any questions, please contact us!