Financial consulting

We offer a wide range of specialized consulting services and strategic consulting that effectively support our clients in achieving their specific goals.

Individual consultancy

Capman Inc. team provides individual consultancy services -customized recommendations based entirely on the customer-specific investment horizon and risk profile. The investment consultations are intended to satisfy the personal interest of customers who trade both on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and on the foreign markets.

Recommendations on the formation and restructuring of the portfolio can include a wide range of financial instruments through which the investor could take advantage of the global economic trends and development in various sectors.

Benefits of the service:

*  Intended personally for you – completely tailored to your individual characteristics as an investor;
* Offering a personal recommendation for your investment strategy based on your specific investment and risk profile;
* Consistence of the consultations are with with the most recent development on the financial markets and Bulgarian and world economy prospects;
* Analysis of particular public companies and recommendations on the transactions, depending on how appropriate they are for the investor;
* Analysis of a portfolio;
* Recommendations on structuring of a new portfolio;
* Recommendations on the restructuring of a portfolio;
* Specific consultations depending on the client’s interests;

Preparation of individual investment strategies and / or optimization of existing investment projects for every investor.

The consulting experience of our experts can be helpful in:
– The choice of a commercial bank for credit application;
– Development of credit justification in accordance with the specific requirements of the selected bank;
– Presentation and rationale of the credit justification to the bank experts;

A document which is submitted to various financial institutions (banks, venture capital funds) and other potential investors for providing funding for an investment project in the form of lending, establishment of joint enterprises, etc. Consultancy Май cover both the development and the presenting of the document to an appropriate potential investors.

Financial analysis

Investment Intermediary Capman draws up financial profile of public companies that includes:

Information about the company’s business areas, main customers and suppliers;

Overview of the management and managerial decisions;

Analysis of corporate management in accordance with the Code of Corporate Management;

Review of the corporate policy regarding dividends, stock repurchase and restructuring;

Detailed financial analysis of cash flows, revenues and expenses, profitability, management efficiency, liquidity, financial stability, efficiency and price ratios;

Analysis of debt instruments issued by the Company;

Subject to financial analysis are companies traded on the Bulgarian capital market. The analysis is prepared on request.

Contact us on or by phone 02 40 30 200.

Company Valuation

The market valuation of a company is determined by proven methods. It includes not only assessment of the financial indicators, but also assessment of the company’s goodwill and reputation. It is seen as an essential factor in the sale of some or all of the company’s shares, in the case of participation of a strategic investor, as well as in the case of a merger / acquisition of companies.

Our certified valuators have years of experience and professionally apply all modern methods of business valuation. The prepared valuation reports include four main parts:

  • analysis of a competitive position in the business sector of the company;
  • analysis of the structure of the company’s capital and its cash flows;
  • analysis of separate activities and management within the enterprise with a view to its being optimized;
  • preparation of an indicative development plan and financial forecast of the company;
  • professional valuation based on a set of contemporary methods for business appraisal;
  • Drafting of cash flows forecast
  • Investment valuation through discounting of anticipated cash flows
  • Ascertaining the efficiency of the investment decisions
  • Optimizing the choice among different investment projects
  • Determining the deadline of investment redemption

The company has established lasting relationships with certified valuators in various areas: machine-building , electrical engineering, mining industries, and construction, who have considerable experience in the valuation of assets for collaterals, mortgages, liens on bank credits, as well as revaluation of assets in compliance with the requirements of the National and International Accounting Standards.

Investment projects and business planning

Our team of financial experts draws up specific investment research of the economic sectors related to your business strategy. In addition, we offer business analysis and consultations regarding the financial efficiency of the company and its business lines. At the same time we, can develop a strategic business plan that will contribute to the accomplishment of your goals.