Investment Intermediary Capman Inc. offers its clients the service “Investment banking”.

Our experience so far on the Bulgarian Capital market gives us the confidence, that we can select the right solutions for our clients and to support the process of obtaining fresh cash resource.

Capman Inc. offers the following types of investment services for raising funds through the capital market:

  • Primary and secondary public offering;
  • Tender offer;
  • Sale of companies and assets;
  • Company Valuation;
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Public offering

Капиталов пазар

Capman Inc., as one of the leading investment intermediaries in the country, has a rich 18 years professional experience in the structuring of share issues and bonds in the initial and secondary public offering (IPO & SPO).

Our team is able to advise and assist potential issuers in the overall process of drawing up of the prospectus (memorandum), to do full legal and financial analysis, exploration of the interest of individual and institutional investors as well as to provide a comprehensive service in the approval procedure of the Financial Supervision Commission, Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia AD and Central Depository.

With the first approved tender offer under the Public Offering of Securities Act Capman Inc. is among the pioneers on the Bulgarian capital market. Our experts have a thorough cognition of the current regulations and can offer their clients a complete service of the procedure for approval by the regulatory authority to the delisting of the company from the stock exchange.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Capman Inc. offers its services in Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A) while fairly preserving the interest of each of their parties. Our team of professionals can help in each stage of the deals for buying and selling assets, shares of public and non-public companies, strategic partnerships, etc.

What constitutes the process?

The process of M & A is merging of separate companies into one entity as the result of a merger or an acquisition of the control over assets and activities of another enterprise.

The basic principle for carrying out similar transactions is to create value of the newly established company, higher than the value of each individual company before the merger or acquisition.

There are principally two types of investors: strategic and financial. Strategic investors are companies with similar activities to those of the company they are interested in acquiring. They seek to increase their market share, to establish business in a new country, to acquire a competitor or to achieve synergy through the acquisition of a company. The financial investor in most cases acquires a company in order to profit in a subsequent sale. The financial investors hold a company for a certain stretch of time (usually 3 to 5 years) during which time they help the company to develop, and after that look forward to selling it to the next investor – usually a strategic one.